Life Ceremonies

Life is an incredible journey of experiences. From the moment we are born until our deaths, the community of people we surround ourselves with help us celebrate the wins and loses, happiness and sadness. Life Ceremonies are moments where our communities come together to celebrate the life of someone special – both at its beginning, and end.

A Naming Ceremony is a child’s first introduction to their community. Held in the first months of life, a naming ceremony incorporates family, nature, and love, as a welcoming to this world. This event will introduce a child to their Guide Parents, who will help them understand how to share, learn, and love; and the natural world that will help them flourish as people.

A Life Celebration is a tribute to a lost member of our community. Shortly after our friend has passed away, a Life Celebration will help us pay tribute to the experiences that this person has shared with us. In these moments of sadness, we should take time to remember how this person has shared their life with us – made us laugh, taught us, or inspired us to greatness – and pay tribute to their legacy.