Congratulations on your engagement!

This is such an exciting time in your life, and I am happy to help you plan for your wedding day! My name is Bryan Causarano, and I am a Humanist officiant licensed in Ontario to perform marriages. I would love to help you celebrate this important moment in your life. Your wedding should be unique and represent the love you share with one another. I would love to learn more about you as a couple and how we can make your day special.

As a Humanist, I believe that our existence is precious as this is our only life to live. Inspired by arts and culture, and driven by science, I believe we should live loving and connected lives. Your wedding should celebrate love, life, and this important day in your life.

I support the marriage of any two people that are in love, regardless of orientation or gender.

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I am a Licensed Officiant with Humanist Canada. Humanists believe that this is our only life, and we should live it to its fullest! Motivated by reason and scientific inquiry, inspired by music and art, and motivated by ethics, compassion and fairness; we strive for a community that shares together, loves everyone, and inspires collaboration.

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Unity Rituals

I love symbolism, and look for meaning in things I see around me every day. A great way to seal your memories in your mind is to do something tangible to symbolize your ceremony. There are great ways to do it, and I’m always looking for new, creative ways to celebrate!

  • Wine Pouring – a bottle of red, a bottle of white, blend your lives together into something unique!
  • Fight Box – Write a love letter to each other, grab something memorable from a first date, and throw in some tissues. When you hit a bump in the road, this box will remind you of the love you share.
  • Hand Fasting – Literally tie the Knot as you say your I Do’s by binding your hands together. A great, romantic tradition!
  • Candy Blending – Great for kids! A take on the tradition of blending sand, this is a great way to celebrate your different “flavours” that you bring to the family. Without everyone, the candy jar wouldn’t be the same!
  • Tree Planting – There’s so much symbolism in the roots of a tree, how it grows, or survives droughts and storms. A great way to tie your love to nature.
  • Ring Warming – pass your wedding bands around for everyone to surround them with love and warm wishes, before you surround each other’s finger with them.
  • Whiskey Tasting – Whiskey is the product of hard work, age, and love. Without proper care, it can disappear. Share a drink, and keep the bottle safe well into your marriage.
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Life Ceremonies

Life is an incredible journey of experiences. From the moment we are born until our deaths, the community of people we surround ourselves with help us celebrate the wins and loses, happiness and sadness. Life Ceremonies are moments where our communities come together to celebrate the life of someone special – both at its beginning, and end.

A Naming Ceremony is a child’s first introduction to their community. Held in the first months of life, a naming ceremony incorporates family, nature, and love, as a welcoming to this world. This event will introduce a child to their Guide Parents, who will help them understand how to share, learn, and love; and the natural world that will help them flourish as people.

A Life Celebration is a tribute to a lost member of our community. Shortly after our friend has passed away, a Life Celebration will help us pay tribute to the experiences that this person has shared with us. In these moments of sadness, we should take time to remember how this person has shared their life with us – made us laugh, taught us, or inspired us to greatness – and pay tribute to their legacy.

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For more information, and to begin planning, please fill out the form below. Please include information about you and your partner, the date and location of your ceremony, and a bit about how you are hoping to celebrate.

I look forward to celebrating with you!

Bryan Causarano

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